Milwaukee Polka Riot
September 7th
700 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI 53204

No, but really, what?

The Milwaukee Polka Riot is America's first and (as far as we know) only alternative polka festival.

What began as a fever dream shared among Keith Gaustad, Tahrim Tatum and Evan Maruszewski, finally came to fruition on October 21st, 2017.

In clandestine meetings with Jim Rice, Eoin McCarthy and Frank Chandek, the Milwaukee Polka Riot grew from a germ of a questionable idea to a fully fledged, ridiculous reality.

A collaboration between The Rebel Music Stage and Cream City Media, the Milwaukee Polka Riot will be celebrating its third year in 2019!


The Milwaukee Polka Riot has proudly hosted bands from many varied genres of alternative polka and world folk music. The following is a selection of our alumni!

Described as a "high-speed collision of polka and rock'n roll, Chicago's Polkaholics comprise Reckless Rusty on drums and vocals, Dandy Don on guitar and vocals, and Blitz Linster on bass and vocals.

A four-piece hailing from Kansas city, Apolkalypse WOW describe themselves as Polkacore. They pump out Cleveland-style polka standards and originals with a punk sensibility. In their words: "Everyone’s sure to have a good time!"

Milwaukee's own November Criminals proudly hold the title of the world’s only non-ironic Polka Hip Hop band. The ensemble has a truly unique sound that mixes the power and energy of hip hop, with the tradition and fun of polka.

There are lots of Beatles tribute bands playing the hits of John, Paul, George and Ringo but only Sgt. Sauerkraut plays them the way that Wally, Stanley, Dickie and Stosh played them first! Learn more about their full-length film here!

Hailing from Madison Wisconsin, Forró Fo Sho (fo-Ho fo show) represent a diverse form of music which includes a number of dance rhythms and song genres, as well as a rich oral tradition of stories and imageries of the dry backlands of Northeastern Brazil.

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, klezmer rock orchestra, Yid Vicious, was spawned in order to ameliorate the woeful dearth of klezmer in America's otherwise pleasant heartland. photo credit-Dick Blau

Preomnor (pree-Omm-nore) are the world's only Hardcore Progressive Zydeco band. They combine the volume and despair of prog hardcore with the tempo, melodeon style and furious energy of zydeco.

The world's most famous Polka-Metal band is fronted by the one and only Frank Chandek of Dr. Chow's Love Medicine. They bring an unbridaled passion to their performances, lighting the audience's hearts and feet on fire!

Does your band play something akin to alternative polka? As you can see, the range is pretty broad! Would you like to be a part of our official lineup? Contact us to introduce yourself.


For your listening pleasure (and if you want to cover it) we happily present: The Milwaukee Polka Riot Polka!


The Milwaukee Polka Riot is pleased and privileged to partner with the following businesses and institutions!

Traditionally one of Milwaukee's best-known punk venues, Sabbatic hosts groups of all genres from across the globe. With its emphasis on free shows, musical originality and charitable events, Sabbatic is the perfect place for the Milwaukee Polka Riot!
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